Beyond the gates was founded in 2018 by two brothers: Alessandro and Giacomo Cavazza de Altamer.

Alessandro, born in 1986, architect, inherited his love for Italy’s history and architecture from his grandfather Novello, an engineer and expert of historic houses. After working for five years in the construction business in Italy, Romania, Jordan, Algeria, and Poland, he decided to return to Italy to support and cherish his motherland’s best-kept hidden treasures. Alessandro speaks Italian and English.

Giacomo, born in 1987, hotelier, studied in Switzerland and has worked for world-renowned hotels in Spain, France, Switzerland, and Thailand. Since 2016, he is permanently living in Tabiano Castle, one of his family’s historic estates which he cares for and manages. Drawing from his many years of professional experience to run this family enterprise, Giacomo is always looking to provide the best service for visitors and customers. Giacomo speaks Italian, English, French, Spanish, and basic Thai.

In 2019, the team of two grew with the welcoming of Olga Pediconi.

Olga, born in 1994, a hotelier, graduated with honours in Switzerland and, despite her young age, has acquired seven years of experience working in 5-star hotels in Switzerland, Spain, Italy and Qatar. Bringing her passion and enthusiasm to everything she does with Beyond the gates, Olga is a world traveller specialized in events-planning who speaks Italian, English, French, German, and Spanish.

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